VoiceOverXtra’s John Florian Receives VOICE 2010 Community Service Award

By John Florian
This is awkward – writing, for a change, about me. So I’ll start with the news …
June 5, 2010, Los Angeles – Gasping for air and steadying himself by gripping the backs of chairs as he made his way to the stage, John Florian, founder and webmaster of VoiceOverXtra, received the prestigious VOICE 2010 Community Award tonight at the VOICE 2010 Celebrity Banquet, the final event of a jam-packed three-day international conference for voice actors.
The award is given in recognition of outstanding service to the voice-over community.
Voice Over Universe’s Zurek, recipient of the award in 2008, welcomed Florian onto the stage, where the presentation was made by VOICE 2010 co-producers James Alburger and Penny Abshire.
Florian mustered a few dozen “Thank you’s” and said that serving the voice-over community was his “passion,” but he was generally speechless following the announcement of the honor, and attempted to walk off the stage with a wireless microphone (which was retrieved by Ms. Abshire).
After the ceremony, Florian said he thought of what he should have told the appreciative audience …
All true.
If my wits had accompanied me to the stage Saturday night, I would have used that microphone to elaborate on how dear this industry is to me, and how much I treasure meeting and counting as a friend each individual in it.
It is indeed my passion to deliver news and how-to information to you, through VoiceOverXtra’s many resources, and also personally by whatever means.
I know you can relate to this passion in the way you feel about your own voice-over career … at times overwhelming … but moreover it’s what excites you to start each new day and often, what entices you to keep the computer and mic on way past the hour it should.
But as they say, none of this would be possible without the tremendous help of others.
First, my enormous, outsized thanks and deep appreciation goes to Jim and Penny, who at VOICE 2007 in Las Vegas encouraged me to follow through with plans to start VoiceOverXtra (in July 2007), and who have vigorously supported me every day since. They have exemplified selfless help to others in the voice-over world – and frankly, would be the most deserving recipients of this award.
Of course, my arms are also stretched as wide as can be in thanks to my gorgeous wife, Nancy, for her understanding (or at least, acceptance) of my drive – and for the tireless help that she and our sonChristopher give me at the VOICE conferences. (Yes, that’s us at our conference exhibit booth.)
And my gosh, where would VoiceOverXtra be without all the voices behind the bylines!
The industry’s top professionals – coaches, voice talents, consultants – have let me pick their brains, publish their written wisdom and link to their words, and through this, have enlightened voice talents at all levels on what it means to be a voice actor and how to succeed in this competitive business.
Now I see some motion to my left … it’s Penny waving her microphone at me to “hurry up.”
So I conclude with a thank-you that extends worldwide to all VoiceOverXtra readers and their tremendous support and encouragement. Your treasured feedback makes my day, every day.
PS: Join me now backstage (below) for an uncaptioned peek at what I found on my camera at the close of the banquet festivities …


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