VOICE 2010: 24/4

It’s a wrap. The huge VOICE 2010 international voice-over conference in Los Angeles ended Saturday night with a rousing Celebrity Banquet. Some 400 voice actors headed back home to reality – but all the wiser for jam-packed days of voice-over education, networking and fun …

VoiceOverXtra’s John Florian Receives VOICE 2010 Community Award
James Alburger and Penny Abshire, co-producers of VOICE 2010, receive well-deserved applause at the Celebrity Banquet Saturday night in Los Angeles. The closing event featured interviews with voice-over legends June Foray, plusRob Paulsen and Maurice LaMarche (Pinky and the Brain). The VOICE 2010 Community Award was presented to John Florian of VoiceOverXta, and George Whittam of Eldorado Recording Service was feted for his work installing SAG’s Don LaFontaine VoiceOver Lab. Then, dance, dance, dance! For details, visit Dave Courvoisier’s blog. (John Florian photos)
Voice Actors & The Internet, a panel session led by John Florian, revealed highlights of a major industry survey on how voice actors use the Internet, and featured the personal online career experiences and advice of voice actors Peter K. O’Connell, Doug TurkelTrish Basanyi and David Kaplan. For more, visit Bobbin Beam’s blog.
Terry Daniel, left, and Dave Courvoisier literally kick off their Friday morning’s opening session on Social Media with a rousing rap song. For more, and a link to the entire presentation, visit Dave Courvoisier’s Blog.. (John Florian blurry photo)
Pat Fraley, right, and surprise guest Brad Garrett rock the conference’s opening session with laughter Thursday morning, demonstrating the how-to of Comedy in Voice Over. For more, see Stephanie Ciccarelli’s blog. (John Florian photo)
Red Carpet Reception Draws Miles of Smiles … Photo Review
Gina Marie First Recipient of Chuck Riley Memorial VO Scholarship

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