TOP 5 Workout Songs that got more kick than a pre-workout

Do you usually listening to music? Did you know music is really helpful to our health? Some research has shown that typical music can bring a lot of benefit to your workout. However, not all music has the same effect. If you are wondering what music to listen to motivate yourself, here is the TOP 5 SONG that will get you pumped for the gym.

1. Summer – Calvin Harris

Calvin Harris is an EDM workout song maestro. This catchy song will help you have enough energy to workout all day. A must-hear music for gymers

2. DJ Snake, Lil Jon – Turn down for what

This is a song that makes you so much energy that if you added a dumbbell you’d get a killer shoulder workout.

3.  Two Steps From Hell – Victory

Epic has always been a source of inspiration for the audience, whether in workplace or in workout .When your workout is coming to a close and you’re low on motivation, song like Victory is the best choice

4. Galantis – Runaway (U & I)

This song is amazing: End of story. Listen it on your way to the gym. The beat in this song will got more kick than a pre-workout

5.Tiësto & Sevenn – BOOM

Simple but full of motivated. This song will make you want to snap the barbell in half.

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