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Lilbit 6 Pcs Pack Reusable Washable Adjustable Baby Cloth Diapers

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Lilbit 6 Pcs Pack Reusable Washable Adjustable Baby Cloth Diapers Description

Color:Yellow LilBit Pocket Baby Cloth DiapersPackage included: 6 pocket diaper covers + 6 bamboo charcoal inserts + one free wetdry bag at random + one free roll of viscose flushable liners. Material Outer – A waterproof & breathable PUL . Inner – Suede cloth: Suede cloth wicks moisture away from baby’s bottom. It is an excellent choice next to baby’s skin for pocket style cloth diapers. Liquid passes right through suede cloth into the inner absorbent layers of the insert.Insert -Three layers of super absorbent microfiber terry cloth inner and two layers bamboo charcoal outer ,they are antibacterial,hypoallergenic,and more absorbent than regular flannel and dries much faster after being washed. Size Length of nappy:39cm in length X 35cm in width,for babies weighing 3-15kg . Size of insert: 36*14cm. Size of wet dry bag: 30*36cm, holds approximately 5-7 cloth diapers. Size of flushable viscose liners: 18*30cm,100 sheets per roll,can be used as wet wipes. AttentionWash temperature: Less than 86 Fahrenheit to prevent the PUL from delaminating. Please wash diaper cover and the insert separately, and do not wash diapers together with your other clothes. Do not use laundry detergent with additives and do not use fabric softeners.

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