Fisher-Price Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Silly Wheelie Mickey

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Fisher-Price Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Silly Wheelie Mickey Description

Product Packaging:Standard Packaging Product Description Mickey Mouse can’t wait to show you all his cool Mouska-moves on his new Silly Wheelie bike! Tap the flag to trigger three fantastic cycling actions! Mickey can free ride, play the “Follow the Mouse Game” and even do some silly-cycling bike stunts! But what makes this bike so special is that you control the action and interact with Mickey’s moves. Stand back as Mickey begins his Mega-Mouska stunt cycling routine! Mickey can zoom forward, ride in silly circles, pop a wheelie, and do a spin. Mickey pedals the bike as he’s riding. At any point when Mickey is pedaling along you can tap the flag and Mickey will change directions. Mickey can also kick it into high gear as he pops a wheelie and continues to pedal along in wheelie position. There are three interactive games, and you can also sing and dance along with Mickey to a new “Silly Cycle Anthem” and bike-dance routine that he does to show off his silly Mouska-stunts! Brand Story By Fisher Price

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